UV Disinfection Lamp

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This product uses a voltage of 220V, please use a transformer in the case of 110V

Product Details:
  • Efficient and portable: the antibacterial rate reaches 98%, removing and killing bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens, effectively improving the living environment. It can be used anywhere to make your ambient air clean and comfortable.
  • Product parameters: ABS environmental protection material + aluminum alloy material, Tungsten UV lamp tube, size length: 40×26×5.2 cm(20 W), 60×26×5.2(40 W).
  • Features: Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is more effective than liquid disinfectant, no irritating odor after disinfection, applicable area is 20-40㎡, the product is easy to store, safe and convenient to use.
  • Long service life: The average service life is up to 8000 hours. The lamp adopts high-purity quartz lamp, which improves the ultraviolet transmittance and stronger sterilization effect.
  • Warning: When using UV products, people, plants and animals must leave the scene! Do not look directly at the UV light source! After use, it is recommended to ventilate for 10 minutes without ozone; use UV and ozone for more than 20 minutes!
  • Eliminate viruses, bacteria, and parasites, effectively remove odors from the air
  • Tobacco, underwear, bedding, toothbrush cups, etc.
  • Used in kindergartens, hospitals, kitchens, bedrooms, pet shops, etc.
  • Voltage: AC 220V/50HZ
  • Light type: Tungsten UV lamp tube
  • Rated power: 20 W, 40 W.
  • Applicable area:20㎡(20W)、40㎡(30W)
  • Size: 40×26×5.2 cm(20 W), 60×26×5.2(40 W)
  • Sterilization method: UV + ozone

Package included:
  • 1x 20W Hanging UV disinfection lamp+ Timer + Remote Control
  • Or 1x40W Hanging UV disinfection lamp+ Timer 
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Power cord
Kind reminder on the below
  • 1. When using ultraviolet rays, people, plants and animals must leave the scene! Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can burn people's eyes and skin.
  • 2. Under normal circumstances, disinfection twice a week, about 30 ~ 60 minutes each time; if there are many bacteria or large space, please increase the number of disinfection appropriately.
  • 3. After using the UV lamp for a period of time, it will gradually deteriorate and its intensity will decrease. For better results, it is recommended to replace the lamp regularly.
Note: The machine is for 220 Voltage.

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